Ph.D., Northeastern University; J.D., George Washington University Law School; B.A. International Affairs, George Washington University

is one of the co-authors of Consumer Equality: Race and the American Marketplace. She is a Professor at the Bertolon School of Business and Coordinator of the Legal Studies program at Salem State University in Massachusetts. She is one of the leading business law scholars on consumer discrimination and profiling. Dr. Hakstian currently works with the Attorney General’s Office of New York state to assess compliance by a retailer with an Assurance of Discontinuance regarding consumer racial profiling. She serves as a consultant to businesses and as an expert witness on cases involving racial profiling by police. Dr. Hakstian’s early research was cited in the NAACP's amicus curiae brief filed with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of the petitioners in Arguello v. Conoco (2003).

With Jerome Williams and Dr. Sophia Evett, a social psychologist, Dr. Hakstian’s current research seeks to understand what factors impact the perception of jurors in consumer discrimination cases. In particular, they are exploring how characteristics of the jury influence the outcome of lawsuits brought against retail stores. Her work is interdisciplinary and is published primarily in law reviews and business journals. She serves on the Editorial Board of the Business Law Review. Prior to joining academia, she consulted with federal government agencies on matters of Equal Employment Opportunity law and policy.